Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory


teaching computational photography (UK CS 585)

01 August 2011

Course Summary

Computational Photography is a field of research at the convergence of computer graphics, computer vision and photography. Its goal is to overcome the limitations of the traditional camera by using computational techniques and alternative camera designs to produce a richer, more vivid, perhaps more perceptually meaningful representation of our visual world. The aim of this advanced undergraduate/graduate course is to study ways in which visual samples of the real world (images and video) can be used to generate compelling computer graphics imagery. We will learn how to acquire, represent, and render scenes using images captured by digital cameras. Several popular algorithms will be presented, with an emphasis on using these techniques to build practical systems. This hands-on emphasis will be reflected in the programming assignments, in which students will have the opportunity to acquire their own images of indoor and outdoor scenes and develop the image analysis and synthesis tools needed to render and view the scenes on the computer. Topics include: